About John:

John Kregor MusicianFrom the tender age of ten, John Kregor consumed a steady diet of Poison. He taught himself guitar with a diligence bordering on obsession. His metal intake got increasingly heavy, but he topped it with a little saccharine when he joined the show choir (to learn about vocal harmonies for use in his heavy metal garage band). Somehow, Rubber Band morphed from metal to funk, and John wound up in the jazz band senior year, which changed his life.

Kregor received a B.A. in composition at the University of Texas, where he had the opportunity to refine his technique as a jazz and classical player, his improvisational range, and his voice as a composer. As Michael Brecker told him there, "Nice solo, man." After graduating, he left the comfy confines of Austin for the edgy expanse of Chicago.

Kregor is a prized member of Chicago's jazz community, due to his versatility, his lightning-speed mastery of new music, his big ears, his attentive ensemble playing, and his ingenuity as a soloist. He has played with groups of all sizes and styles, including groups led by Jim Gailloreto, Rob Clearfield, Matt Ulery, and Grazyna Auguscik. Patricia Barber brought Kregor into her quartet in 2011, and he is featured in her performances every Monday at Chicago's famed Green Mill and at venues all over the United States and Europe. Jazz critic Howard Reich has praised Kregor's sensitivity, and critic Neil Tesser has dubbed him "edgy and arresting".

In addition to his jazz performances, Kregor dabbles in his old pastimes of rock and classical musicmaking, and he has a studio of about 30 guitar students of all ages, but he is most proud of the composition he wrote for a choir of friends to sing when his bride walked down the aisle. The discipline and creativity he has cultivated in music also find their way to other passions, including cooking and Tai Chi.