What’s in a Private Guitar Lesson?
John Kregor Musician

Learn how to do anything and everything the right way. Topics of study include, but are not limited to: finger placement and accuracy, pressure/release, finger independence, hammer-ons, pull-offs, alternate picking, sweep picking, finger picking, hybrid picking, economy picking, rest stroke, free stroke, tremolo, right hand tapping, rasgueados.

By studying the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of your favorite composers and players, we can learn to emulate and assimilate critical elements of their style. (Learn to play like Jimi Hendrix.)


Get all the knowledge to understand what your favorite guitarists are doing and why they are doing it. Understand the culmination of study of centuries of musical scholars and use it to shred the E Gypsy Major scale! Topics of study include, but are not limited to: whole step/half step recognition, melodic interval recognition, major scale construction, triad construction/recognition, key signatures, the circle of fourths, modes, seventh chords, extensions and alterations, chord/scale relationships, embellishments, substitutions, modes of harmonic and melodic minor, modes of harmonic major, symmetrical scales (augmented, whole tone, octatonic, chromatic).

Learning to read on the guitar is a challenging task that greatly expands your understanding of how the guitar “works” and thus your ability to manipulate it. Working through method books we will learn to sight-read all rhythms, pitches, dynamics, fingerings, and articulations until the world of the written note is your oyster!

Bring in your CDs and MP3s and I can show you how to play anything you have a good recording of. If there isn’t a guitar part but you like the song, we can make a guitar part together. If you love the song but couldn’t rightly expect to play it properly until 2012, we can simplify it. Simultaneous ear training will ensure your eventual confidence in your own transcriptions.

Why Private Instruction?

With private lessons, the lesson is customized to your needs and wants. Once we own the narrow but critical band of knowledge and ability all good guitarists inhabit, we can explore pretty much any topic you want. I can help you set goals, and show you the steps to achieve them. Individual instruction is critical to ensure proper form to maximize efficiency and minimize the risk of injury. (Not to get all “Blood on the Pavement” but without a teacher, I developed tendonitis by my Junior year; had to spend my first semester of college doing little more than individual thumb strokes to undo bad habits, and only recently had my left shoulder drop down in line with my right after years of unnecessary tension.) With fear of overselling, I hesitate to say with private instruction you will get everything you need and everything you want as a developing guitarist.

How and How Much?

The fee is $30 per half hour lesson, $60/hour and is payable directly to your private instructor.
Contact me directly for more details: johnkregor@gmail.com